This article is about the lockdown effect: how marital relationships have changed during the pandemic. The lockdown effect has undoubtedly changed many marital relationships. The pandemic has brought about certain changes in their relationships. Many couples grew while many others got divorced. In the earlier stage of the lockdown, many couples struggled with their relationships. In China, the US, and the UK; there were reports about increasing divorce applications. If you need divorce lawyer in Selangor, you can contact us at for divorce law consultation.

Changes in the marital relationships caused the divorce. And these are the three common factors for relationships to change:


This factor affects how couples cope with the “new normal” in their relationship. This may involve mental health issues and personality traits. It may involve the past bad relationship of an individual. During the lockdown, many couples have to live separately. And this situation has caused some couples to break up. 


There are several examples of stressors that may change marital relationships. During the lockdown, many lost their jobs resulting in financial misfortunes. Work stress is another factor that leads to failures in the relationship. There have been extreme changes in the work setting during the pandemic. Some have to work from their homes. Others need to work away from their partner. These conditions caused a lot of stress to individuals. 


Adaptations are the ability of couples to deal with the changes. During the pandemic, many changes were not favourable for couples. Many mishandled their relationship resulting in breakups. Some couples are able to grow closer together as they are able to support each other when circumstances are not favorable. When conflicts arose, couples with good adaptation abilities were able to handle conflicts. Some were able to solve problems well. Those who cannot handle the “new normal” become very stressed and they will seek divorce as a way out.

How Marital Relationships Have Changed During the Lockdown

During the pandemic, lockdown is mandatory. Many couples have to be separated from each other. Some lucky couples can stay together with their partners. And this unforeseen situation takes a toll on most marital relationships. Many couples have adjusted to the situation well. In the UK, many couples claimed that the lockdown helped their relationship to grow closer. Because of the pandemic, couples who live together get to spend more quality time together. Most of them got even closer to their partners and were able to know and understand their partners better. The reason for this is couples were able to focus on their relationship more. 

People who were in loving and healthy relationships were able to cope with the pandemic. Even when the lockdown effects were destructive, they dealt with it in a positive way. Though there were arguments, they were able to handle the situation. Some couples had conflicts before the lockdown. Due to the lockdown, their relationship has worsened. Thus such couples may end up with a breakup. Some who stayed together experienced a lack of personal space. Some felt pressured by their partner’s presence as familiarity breeds contempt. Other causes of pressure are financial difficulties and mental health problems. 

During the lockdown, couples have to separate because of work schedules. People have to abide by travel restrictions and this enforced separation weakens marital relationships. One of the lockdown effects is that couples do not have the opportunity to spend time together. When their partner experiences stress, they aren’t there to be with them. Thus causing a lot of misunderstandings and further weakening the relationship. 

How to Keep a Healthy Relationship During the Lockdown

Staying healthy during the pandemic is everybody’s goal. For married couples, having a healthy and happy relationship is the ultimate goal. This is difficult to maintain especially when both of you are living in such a stressful environment. So, if you aim to keep a healthy relationship, here are some tips that you can take into consideration. 

Be Understanding and Keep an Open Communication 

The secret to a healthy relationship is to keep open communication with your partner. Arguments and disputes are unavoidable in a relationship. But the best way to counter disputes is by being understanding and patient. If for example, you need time to be alone, communicate it in a way that will not hurt your partner. Meanwhile, if you are on the receiving end, you have to try to understand your spouse. Try to understand that both of you are struggling with the changes that were the results of COVID-19. And remember that a relationship needs a two-way approach for it to thrive. 

Support Each Other During Stressful Times

The pandemic is stressful to almost all individuals. Not knowing how to deal with uncertainties and sudden changes can cause anxiety. If your partner is suffering from stress, provide emotional support. Don’t be too hard on your partner in times of anxiety and stress. Instead, be genuinely interested to listen to his/her problems and be supportive. 

Listen to Each Other’s Point of View     

Remember that we are not perfect individuals. So, when your spouse wronged you, learn to forgive. Accept his/her apology and talk about how you will get through conflicts. The secret to having good communication is to listen attentively. Do not be judgemental. Bear in mind that none of you have control over the situation. So, listening patiently without passing any comments or judgements will help both of you. 

Give Each Other Time and Space

Sometimes, we need to take a break. The pandemic is one of the main causes of stress during the lockdown. But, there is no denying that relationships can be a cause of stress as well. So to get relief, we need to have the time and space for ourselves. Admit that you can be a stressor, so learn to give your partner time to be alone. Make your partner understand that you need alone time as well. Giving each other the time and space will help lessen the risk for a breakup or divorce.


The lockdown effect posed positive and negative results on relationships. How marital relationships have changed during the lockdown purely depends on the couples. The most important thing is that you and your partner can still keep a healthy relationship. Consider the tips to help your relationship cope after the lockdown. 

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