Six ways COVID-19 might have changed your relationship from being affectionate and passionate to become problematic. Before the pandemic, many relationships grew and flourished. Couples nowadays spend time arguing and fighting each other.  

But when the pandemic happened, people’s lives changed. People changed from working in the office to working in their home. From giving kisses and hugs when meeting with friends to social distancing. A lot of people changed their mindsets. From living a busy life in the city to living in quiet remote places. If you need a divorce lawyer in Kuala Lumpur, you can contact us at for divorce law consultation.

Many relationships thrived during the pandemic while many fell apart. Some are left clueless why their marriage ended the way it did. To prevent you from experiencing the same situation, here are six alarming ways COVID-19 might have changed your relationship. 

Couples Who Live Together

For couples who live together, experiencing problems in the relationship is unforeseeable. No matter how much we think of its impossibilities, it can still happen. So, here are some of the signs that COVID-19 has changed your relationship even when you’re together with your partner.

Easily Get Irritated

Usually, when couples live together, they become more understanding and more loving. However, that does not happen every time. Some couples can still grow apart despite living together. If you find yourself being irritated by the simple actions of your partner, you might reflect on yourself. You used to get amused by the little things that they did in the past. But now suddenly, you feel annoyed seeing them do those things. There might be something wrong with the relationship. It would be best if you assess the cause of your irritability. And try to have some time of your own. 

Doubtful Feelings About the Relationship

Change is something that is inevitable. At some point, we change. Our goals change along with our personalities. These changes involve your feelings for your partner. The person that you loved from years ago is based on the person you were back then. A lot could have changed in you, making you question your feelings towards your partner. If you are having a hard time being together with your partner, then something is wrong in your relationship. Sometimes the pace of their growth does not jive with yours. And this can pose a problem when you stop trying to grow with them. Or when they want to grow at a pace different from yours. If you saw this sign despite being together during the pandemic, your relationship might not last. 

Easily Get into a Fight

Due to the pressure of uncertainties brought by the COVID-19, many individuals experienced stress and anxiety. This has seriously affected relationships as well. When a couple mishandles their emotions, it could turn into a lot of fights. It could result in a worse scenario when arguments happen due to very trivial things. Sometimes, the fights are serious and frequent. Both parties are hurt not only physically but also emotionally. When this continues, it will not be healthy for the relationship. 

Couples That Live Apart

During the pandemic, the movement of people is minimized to stop the spread of the virus. Most individuals have to stay in their homes. While others are required to keep on working while being isolated. Some couples are forced to live apart from each other because inter-district and inter-state travel is not allowed during the pandemic. This has caused a lot of changes, here are some of them: 

Don’t Miss Them Often

While being away from your partner, you would usually feel like something is missing. Your partner’s absence will make you miss them every minute that you are away from them. That is why when loving partners get separated, they tend to call each other on the phone. They always try to keep the communication open. But if you start to feel like you don’t miss your partner often like you used to, you need to analyze yourself. Your feelings for your partner might have gone weak because of the distance. 

Doubt If You Are Meant For Each Other

Before the pandemic, you tend to spend more time with your partner. You may have gone to places and did a lot of recreational activities that helped your relationship to grow. But during the pandemic, those activities are not allowed. People are not allowed to travel inter-district and inter-state. And so your time with your partner is also minimized. If after some time, you realize how incompatible you are with your partner, it could mean that your feelings for them have grown lesser. And this is a sign of your weakening relationship.

Difficulty in Maintaining Communication

Keeping the line of communication open helps to build a strong foundation to your relationship. It makes relationships grow. But if you find yourself having difficulties in maintaining good communication with your partner, this can cause a crack in the relationship. Before the pandemic, you cannot go on a day without texting or talking on the phone with your partner. But if you feel annoyed or obligated to talk to your partner during the pandemic, assess yourself. You might not have the same feelings you used to have with your partner. 


The COVID-19 has changed the way people think. Sadly, it has also changed how people feel about another person. But you can still save your relationship if you take action early. Upon discovering that the six signs are present in your relationship, you can still change the way your relationship could go. 

But after doing everything that you can to save your relationship, and yet, it isn’t successful, then you are left with no other option but to break up with your partner. And if you need legal assistance for the separation, you can get in touch with us. The Divorce Lawyer Malaysia is more than willing to help you so that you will not be left alone in your battles. 

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