There are 5 signs your marriage may be heading for a divorce. And these can enlighten couples into knowing what status is their marriage relationship. Conflicts and disagreements between married couples are inevitable. But when their relationship is healthy, they would always find a way to fix the damages in their marriage. The goal of every married couple is to stand through time and conquer hurdles in their relationship. However, that does not apply to all couples. Some are not aware that they are already on the brink of divorce. If you need divorce lawyer services in Malaysia, you can contact us at for divorce law consultation.

So to help you protect your marriage before it goes completely wrong, you need to know the warning signs. You might not know that you are already experiencing them, so beware. Here are the five signs your marriage may be heading for a divorce: 

No More Sincere Communication

A sign of a healthy marriage is when you and your partner can communicate openly with each other. You know that divorce is seeping through your marriage when you can’t have genuine and sincere communication with your spouse. It is normal to have a misunderstanding with your partner. What’s important is that you both know how to take time and communicate with each other. You have a healthy marriage when both of you work together to fix disputes. But when your marriage is at the risk of falling apart, you don’t even try to start a conversation with your partner. There is no urge to fix what needs to be fixed. 

When lack of communication lasts longer than it should, a bigger gap would start to grow within your relationship. And when it gets too late, it will be harder to start connecting with your partner again. So, if you want to save your marriage, never fail to communicate with your spouse. However, it is a different case if you feel like you are the only one making efforts on fixing your relationship.  

You Spend Less Time Together

It is common for couples to have different interests. But with a healthy marriage, you will both find your common ground. It is where you can mutually connect with each other. Sometimes you would even try doing your partner’s hobbies so that you can spend time with them. Then there are times when you want to try venturing into new hobbies, go out with your friends, or do things on your own. 


Sometimes we need solitude by spending time on our own. But you find yourself doing new things to stay away from your partner, then something must be wrong. Try to look back at what might be the reason why you avoid spending time with your spouse. If you find yourself losing interest whenever you are with your partner, this is an indicator that your marriage may be heading for a divorce. 

No More Intimacy and Their Presence Irritates You

Intimacy is a way of showing affection to your spouse. It could go from cuddling, holding hands, hugging, snuggling, and lovemaking. There are times when you cannot have physical intimacy with your partner. Such instances are when one family member is sick. Or when you have younger kids wherein you have to put your full attention to. These instances are normal but if intimacy and affection are totally gone, you should think of the underlying problems. Lack of interest and affection is a sign that you and your spouse are in a platonic relationship. It happens when you start seeing your partner as a roommate or a business partner, instead of a lover. 

When you see your spouse as a lover, even their silly actions can make you laugh. But when you start to lose interest in them, you might feel those silly things as annoying or irritating. So if you feel like you get easily irritated by your partner’s presence, it is a sign that your relationship is close to collapsing. But still, try to consult medical advice about your extreme irritability. Unreasonable irritability could also be a sign of anxiety.  

They are Not Your Priority Anymore

When you are in a marriage relationship, you not only prioritize your kids but your partner as well. You give importance to your family as a whole. But if you see yourself too focused on yourself and your kids, something might be wrong. When you are in married life, you can be bombarded with massive responsibilities. But that does not mean that you forget to include your partner on your priority list.  

There are times when your kids should be on your top list. But if you notice that you are too inclined toward yourself or your kids, it can damage your relationship with your spouse. You begin to lessen your time and effort to maintain your relationship. When you begin to see these signs, this could mean that your partner is less of your priority. And if it continues, it could damage your marriage and worse, it may force both of you to go on a divorce. 

You Lost Trust and Respect for Your Partner

Trust is what makes your marriage relationship alive. It gives fuel to make your relationship last. But if you find yourself being suspicious of your partner, it can be a sign that you are losing trust in them. If for instance, you caught your partner lying or cheating on you, you might find yourself struggling to trust them again. And if you fail to bring back the trust you once had for them, this could put a crack on your marriage.  

It is normal for couples to bicker sometimes. But if you think that your disagreement is getting overboard, it can ruin your marriage. Especially if both of you start to belittle and mock each other. It might be too much to the extent where you damage each other’s self-esteem. And if you think that your respect for each other is slowly fading, there is a high chance for your marriage to not work anymore. 

Making your marriage work is a lifelong effort from both parties. Misunderstandings and disputes can happen sometimes. But they shouldn’t ruin your relationship with each other. However, if you find the five signs for your marriage to result in a divorce, you should be alarmed. And try your best to restore your relationship. 

But if you think the damage is already too big to be fixed, you might be planning to file a divorce. 

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